JAS Certificate
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 10:25
Wood Working Company “Enisey” proclaims about receiving of JAS certificate for constructional glued flitch-of-timber.

This certificate was issued by Japan plywood inspection corporation Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, it determines conformity of manufactured products to high requirements of the internal Japanese market.

This certificate relates to the following Goods:

Kudabashira” is made from pine, main dimension is 105х105х2985 mm to 4000mm. It is planned in advance to produce about 800m3 per month. Technology allows to take orders different under dimension or quantity of layers depending on customer’s desire.


-“For today we are the first Russian company having JAS certificate except joint Russian-Japanese company “STS Technowood”.

- “We are glad to such a result – receiving JAS certificate as orientation of our company from the moment of its foundation not taking into consideration that 7 years have passed from plant start . We have an intention to continue our work to improve goods quality and to meet a standard of a plant certified by JAS as well as consider it as the second company start and go on studying new opportunities in wood processing .”


Gaydutskiy Y.M.

Director of OOO “DoK “Enisey”

Increased production of pellets

The plant for pellet production was upgraded during 2009. The additional equipment was bought. The leading European company did the start-up of new equipment.
Pellets output increased from 4 500 tones to 6 300 tons per month.

Increased pellet output is justified by the growing demand of western countries for these products.

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