High-quality products

High quality products

There is a number of formulas in our company that allow to achieve high and stable results.

Let us consider a formula relating to product quality in general:

High quality products = Quality of raw materials + Professional quality employees (PQE) + Processing equipment of an appropriate level.

The quality of raw materials - was dealt with earlier ...

PQE - this term means the ability to perform complex activities systematically, efficiently and reliably in various conditions. In order not to lose this ability over the years but multiply it we take a number of measures that helps to remain at the peak of knowledge in our developing world, keep abreast of trends in the wood processing industry.

Processing equipment. Our factory is a complete set of equipment. The set includes:

Harvested material

DOK Enisey ‘s lumbering base is located in Krasnoyarsk Kray, in Angara region. The choice of place is not occasional. The choice of the base location was based on the principle: - "the main thing is the quality of raw materials”. Studies have shown that the best quality of raw materials is in the areas of Lower Angara Region that was also confirmed experimentally. More ...

  • Storage of harvested wood

Warehouse and dock are organized on river Yenisei that allows to perform prompt shipment and delivery by two modes of transportation: by river in summer and by road in winter.

  • Logs sorting

The whole volume of harvesting timber passes the measuring line of log sorting “Hekotek”. Measuring module based on high-precision laser technology together with hardware-software complex provides an exceptional accuracy. This system measures the length, diameter, bend, taper and in accordance with these indicators scores a log. After passing through the measuring unit logs in accordance with our program lay out in "pockets" and then are delivered to the conveyor.

  • Saw workshop

Logs are given into saw workshop. Different types of cutting, the correct geometry and high speed of cutting are the main advantages of this workshop. After longitudinal cutting machine the boards are put in the pockets and the hardware-software complex forms packages from sawn planks.

  • Drying Complex

All edged timber from the warehouse is placed in a drying complex “TekmaWood”. Total drying chambers capacity is 4500 m3. Fully automated drying process of materials allows to dry boards to technologic moisture content 10% -12%.


  • Wood machining workshop

After processing in the drying chambers edged lumber goes to a woodworking workshop where the final cutting and processing take place before receiving final goods. Board goes through several stages of processing such as: cutting of knots, the following end-jointing and dressing at high speed machines.

In the same workshop the glued beam is produced. To do this operation we have bought the press and now it successfully operates together with the line for making- ready board. Passing along this line, the board is covered with a layer of glue (photo above), formed in a pile and sent to the press where the next board is formed under the required pressure and temperature.

  • Workshop pellets

All production wastes: wood chips, sawdust, crops go to chippers where they are crushed and transferred to the pellet workshop by pneumatic transport. In this workshop sawdust undergoes another stage of grinding with the following sawdust drying in the burner. After all the operations the prepared saw dust falls into two presses where they are compressed and extruded under high pressure through the form of a cylinder with the diameter of 8 mm and length from10 mm to 50 mm. Output of one press is 3,5 tons per hour, total output is 7 tons of pellets per hour. Pellets are the unique product in its characteristics. The calorific value of pellets is comparable to coal.

1 ton of pellets = 1.6 tons of wood

1 ton of pellets = 480 cubic meters of gas

1 ton of pellets = 500 liters of diesel

1 ton of pellets = 700 liters of oil

For all that pellets are much more environmentally friendly. The carbon dioxide emissions are from10 to 50 times less, from 15 to 20 times less ash. More information about this workshop ...

  • Workshop of package

DоK “Enisey”, Ltd. created all the conditions for sending goods to anywhere in the world. Two loading platforms were designed for vehicles to load packages in the containers. The plant has a large fleet of trucks for loading any product in any car. Experienced dispatcher provides the speed and order of shipment. The line end for railway transport makes it possible to ship and receive goods directly on the territory of “DоK “Enisey”, Ltd. It is possible to ship and unload the goods both in covered and open-top cars.

Current list of produced goods and dimensions you can see in the Catalogue.

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